Explanation of Your Monthly Billing Charges

Corning Natural Gas Corporation bills you monthly based on the amount of gas you use. Your gas usage will vary based on weather, insulation, thermostat setting, number of appliances that use gas, and more. If you want to pay the same amount every month, sign up for budget billing.

Your gas usage is billed in volumetric units of hundred cubic feet or Ccf. The "C" in Ccf is the Roman numeral for 100. Below is an explanation of the charges that will be on your bill.

Delivery Charges

The cost to transport the gas from the wellhead to CNGC's city gate stations and to your home

  1. Basic Service Charge - This is a flat fee of $22.00 per month for residential customers and covers:
    • The cost of the lines from the street to your house,
    • The cost of the meter,
    • The cost to read the meter,
    • The cost to generate invoices and other operational costs.
  2. Gas Volume Charges in Ccf - This is a three-tiered charge with rates based on volume of gas used. The rates below are for residential customers:
    • The first 3 Ccf are free
    • The next 47 Ccf are $ 0.88754/Ccf as of July 1, 2022
    • All usage over 50 Ccf is $ 0.58558/Ccf as of July 1, 2022
  3. Delivery Rate Adjustment - Refunds or surcharges on customer bills for Commission approved reconciliations such as large contract customer revenues, property taxes and production revenues.
  4. Merchant Function Charge - Recovers Corning Natural Gas administrative costs related to the acquisition and management of gas supply.
  5. Revenue Decoupling Mechanism - A refund or surcharge on customer bills to reflect differences between actual delivery revenue per residential customer and a revenue target.
  6. Federal Tax Act Sur-Credit - This is a temporary credit on your bill that we are required to pass back to you based on the reduced corporate tax rate.
  7. Weather Normalization - Refund or surcharge on residential and small commercial customer bills for variation from normal weather for the winter period (October thru May).

Supply Charges

  1. Gas Supply Charge - This is a per/Ccf charge for the gas itself. We do not make money on the sale of the gas. What you pay for it, is what we pay for it. This cost will change every month.
  2. Government Surcharges - Government tax

Sample Bill