Career Opportunities

If you are interested in working for the Corning Natural Gas Corporation, please submit the following application for employment:

Open Positions:


Title: Mapping Technician

Department: Operations

Direct Report: Gas Operations and Engineering Manager

Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM; Monday - Friday; May require work outside of normal business hours
during emergency

Job Qualifications (list minimum education, skills and experience required):
Two-year (AAS) degree in Engineering, CAD or other similar discipline
Minimum two years of full-time AutoCAD experience
Excellent interpersonal, Microsoft Office, internet and multi-media skills required

Responsibilities (list all major functions and accountabilities):

1.Responsible for the creation and maintenance of system maps using AutoCAD. Record and process data derived from Company Distribution Department Orders and As-Built drawings for system map revisions in CAD. May be required to visit construction sites to assist with creating design drawings or surveying (both new and old) facilities.

2.Maintain the Dig Safely New York (DSNY) system for the Company. This includes creating locate requests for Company work and entering APR (Automated Positive Response) data into the Dig Safely website.

3.May be required to assist in scheduling and tracking restoration work. This includes receiving customer requests and scheduling contractors or company employees to perform property restoration.

4.Update and maintain the Department Distribution Order database to document field work.

5.Participate on a rotating basis to answer customer calls and leak/emergency calls from 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM daily.

6.Produce maps for facility locating, DSNY tickets, third party design requests and for various company personnel as needed.

7.Work with the Engineering Department to produce construction drawings for capital projects.

8.Annually draft letters/emails to CNG customers, local municipalities and government or state agencies communicating construction projects, gas system updates, etc.

9.Assist with obtaining local municipal and DOT permits for construction projects.

10.Create and update maps required for annual leakage surveys.

11.Create and maintain inspection forms for annual valve surveys, corrosion surveys, regulator station surveys, etc.

Pay range: $55,000-60,000.

In accordance with applicable law, the recruitment of all personnel is made without discrimination against any individual or protected class including race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, national origin, ancestry, handicap, or veteran's status. All criteria used by the company for the selection of employees comply with the Uniform Guidelines for the Selection of Employees 41 C.F.R. Part 60-3 (1978).

Accounts Payable Clerk /Regulatory Assistant

Duties include:

•Managing accounts payable using accounting software and other programs.
•Handle accounts payable for separate entities.
•Monitor all vendor payment agreements to find discounts that can be used to reduce invoice amounts
•Monitor account balances, track expenses, prepare analyses of accounts and related financial activity to produce monthly financial reports.
•Reconcile payable reports each month to confirm that all amounts paid were accurate
•Adhere to controls and standard business practice.
•Escalate non-compliance issues when identified.
•Provide and effectively communicate financial information for internal and external audit.
•Participates on cross-functional teams as required (i.e., acquisition/merger support, billing conversion).
•Identify business process improvement opportunities; assist in development and implementation of effective solutions.
•Performs special projects as assigned.
•Prepare twice a day (beginning of the day and end of the day) the true cash balance remaining on Corning's line of credit. This analysis includes our account balance per bank statement, plus deposits for the day, less outstanding checks and wire transfers. This analysis also includes a schedule of known payments that are due up to one month in the future.