Right to Request Excess Flow Valve

An excess flow valve (EFV) is a safety device that can be installed on a natural gas service and is designed to stop gas flow if the service line prior to the meter is severed. EFVs can be installed on a gas service that is operating at 10 psig or greater with a total service load of 1,000 standard cubic feet per hour (scfh) or less.

EFVs are not designed to shut off the flow of natural gas for low volume leaks or faulty appliances. The device should not be installed on a service where it may interfere with equipment that may require periodic high-volume flows.

To find out if you have an excess flow valve currently installed on your gas service, or to request that one be installed, contact us at 607-936-3755 extension 249. A technician will review your equipment and if no EFV is found, he will determine if your service and usage parameters meet the installation requirements for an EFV.

If applicable, you will be provided an estimate prior to the commencement of EFV installation. Pending that approval, Corning Natural Gas will schedule installation of an EFV.