Merger Information

Corning Natural Gas Holding Corporation and its subsidiaries Corning Natural Gas, Leatherstocking Gas, and Pike County Light & Power were acquired by Argo Infrastructure Partners/ACP Crotona on July 6th, 2022. Argo is a private investment firm that manages over $5 billion in various infrastructure assets with a long-term investment horizon. Corning Natural Gas customers will not see any changes to customer service or operations. The company will continue to operate in the same way with the same employees, same management team, and same office as before.

Question: Will my bill be different?

Answer: No, the company name is still Corning Natural Gas. Your bill will look the same as before the merger and come from the same office.

Question: Can I still pay my bill in person at the 330 W. William Street, Corning address?

Answer: Yes, our office will still be open from 8:00 am-5:00 pm as usual.

Question: If I need service, have the phone numbers, emails, or procedures changed?

Answer: No, our phone numbers, emails, and procedures are the same. For Corning, call 607-936-3755, or contact us via email at

Question: Will my bill go up as a result of the merger?

Answer: No, there should be no bill increases as a result of the merger. The company expects to realize cost savings since it will no longer be a publicly traded company, and these savings are being passed on to our customers. Your bill may change based on many other factors, however, including your usage, weather, and gas costs.

Question: If I smell gas, or have another gas-related emergency, what should I do?

Answer: As before, call us at 800-834-2134, or 911.