Energy Supply Companies

If you would like to purchase your gas supply from another Energy Supply Company (ESCO), the companies listed below serve customers in our service territory. It is your responsibility to compare costs. You may or may not save money using an ESCO. Contact the companies directly for more information on their rates.

Marketers Actively Serving Customers on our System
Customer ServiceGateway Energy Services Corp.Phone: 800-805-8586
400 Rella Blvd, Suite 300
Montebello, NY 10901Residential, Commerical
Marcel BarrowsEmpire Natural Gas Corp.Phone 888-659-8967
173 Airport Road607-656-7851
Greene, NY 13778or Fax 607-656-7854
Commerical, Industrial and Public Authority
Customer ServiceEnergyMark, LLCPhone: 716-614-1800
6653 Main Street Fax: 716-614-1819
Williamsville, NY
Customer ServiceSprague EnergyPhone: 800-225-1560
Two International Dr. Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801-6809Industrial, Commerical
Customer ServiceStand Energy CorpPhone: 513-621-1113
1077 Celestial St., Suite 110Fax: 513-621-3773
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1629
Industrial, Commerical
Doug ThomsonUGI Energy Services, Inc.Phone: 585-342-2130
4515 Culver Rd., Suite 208
Rochester, NY 14622Industrial, Commerical