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Budget Payment Plan - Household budgeting can be a difficult, but necessary task. Our Budget Plan can make it easier. You will know how much you will be paying each month and avoid the highs and lows brought on by seasonal changes. Based on your past 12 month history, we apply the most current rates to come up with your estimated monthly payment amount. You can call us at 936-3755 to request enrollment.  If the calculated amount is agreeable, we can enroll you right over the phone. 

We will analyze your account several times a year and adjust the budget payment amount, if necessary, so that it will conform to your actual cost at the end of the budget period. Every twelve months, we reconcile your account to zero. If there is a balance owing, you pay this balance in full. If you have overpaid, the balance applies toward your next bill.

You can leave the plan at any time, and there are no additional charges for being a budget plan customer.

If you are presently on the budget plan, do not request enrollment. Your enrollment will automatically continue. If you have been removed from the budget plan due to non-payment, you may rejoin the plan by bringing your budget balance up to date. 

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